Deep down, we are all afraid of the dark. Out of the corner of our eyes, there are always shadows lurking, and every once in a while, one reaches out and touches us. These moments might not be logical or easily explained, but one thing is for sure: When the paranormal happens to us, it’s unforgettable. These Redditors know that better than anyone.

1. Young And Restless

The night my grandfather passed, I dreamt that a more youthful version of him came into my bedroom smiling and laughing in a kind and friendly way. I remember going up to him and asking about his hair. I’ve never seen him in pictures or in real life with a full head of hair, but there he was! I thought it odd, but I also thought it was my mind doing weird brain things thinking about him.

Fast forward to 10 months later, and I shared my dream with my family at Christmas. My sister looked stunned. She explained that she too was visited by him in a dream that very night, also in a younger body and a full head of hair. This experience changed my views of spirituality.


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