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Over the past couple of years, VanMoof has earnt itself quite a global reputation. That might sound strange, considering the fact it’s been about for the best part of 14 years, but now, it can happily boast being the home of the world’s favorite E-bikes.

Piecing together slickly styled two-wheelers fine-tuned with a bundle of essential features is probably enough to kick business into gear, but being known as the mode of transport that the ever-illusive Frank Ocean uses to get about? That’ll take you to the moon.

Throw in a handful of collaborations with leaders in fashion, such as LOEWE and Jacquemus, or a cheeky cameo or two in Vivienne Westwood’s FW23/24 lookbook, and the desirability writes itself.

Now, you might find collecting VanMoof colorways like Pokémon cards a little difficult, but that probably won’t stop you from wishing that you could. It’s the iPhone curse – you wish you could have a color for every ‘fit.

In these situations, a one size fits all approach is often the best direction – a bright green bike looks great, but a “Dark Grey” one will never clash.

While fashion collaborations and a lean on color have left us accustomed to brighter hues within the VanMoof arsenal, its dialed-back, darker-toned looks are undoubtedly its most popular. Natural, given how these colorways elevate the Dutch design.

To the delight of fans on social media who have longed for the return of dark matte finishes, the A5 and S5 flagship E-bikes are receiving a “Dark Grey” makeover, complimenting the black tooling throughout.

For those with a taste for Gothem-like aesthetics, both “Dark Grey” iterations of the current generation bikes are available to purchase online. Regardless of which color sways you, you’d do well to be a part of 2023’s E-bike revolution.