Rick Owens won Men’s Fashion Week in beauty. Fashion’s resident goth prince debuted his Fall/Winter 2023 menswear collection in Paris yesterday, and the makeup was just as dark and dramatic as the clothing.

Think Julia Fox’s eye makeup, amplified to the nth degree. Models sported thick lines of black that traversed from the inner ear to the inner corner of the eye, down the cheek and to the center of the jaw. Black eye contacts rendered it nearly impossible to tell if the models’ eyes were open or closed.

The striking look, executed by makeup artist Daniel Sallstrom, matched the intensity of the clothes. Everything was extreme: Sweaters with extra-long sleeves was constructed with pointy shoulders; a knit poncho, modeled by house muse Tyrone Dylan Susman, featured an ultra-cropped front (all the better to show off Susman’s chiseled torso!); Owens’ signature platform-heeled boots were updated with buckled straps up the calf, transforming the shoe into something of a haute couture orthopedic boot.


Perhaps MSCHF’s AC.1, a sneaker disguised as a medical boot, inspired the towering heels?

As usual, Rick Owens forced us to stop and take in the spectacle. And as for that eye makeup? Your move, Julia.