It’s the end of an era that was itself the end of another era. Gawker is finally dead. Again. We hardly knew ye.

This newly-dead Gawker was a refreshed iteration of the internet-breaking gossip site that made celebrity gossip feel vital. Launched on July 2021, it was shuttered on February 1 when Bryan Goldberg, CEO of parent company BDG Media, sent an email to staff announcing that his company would be “suspending operations of Gawker,” according to CNN.

“Gawker published a lot of brilliant pieces in these nearly two years,” Goldberg said. “But in this new reality, we have to prioritize our better monetized sites. It’s a business decision, and one that, reluctantly, must be made.”

BDG has since removed Gawker’s name from its list of brands.

Gawker editor-in-chief Leah Finnegan called the decision “a staggering shame” which sums up the situation pretty neatly.

Hopefully, Gawker’s site will remain online as a memorial to the brilliantly funny articles its writers cranked out every day.

On February 1, the rotating image on Gawker’s “Every Blog” header displayed a picture of Hulk Hogan, whose 2016 lawsuit against the original Gawker caused the site’s demise.

There’s not much to say about the New Gawker that its fans haven’t already said. It wasn’t quite as acidic as its earlier iteration but it was far more approachable and no less funny.

Like, it’s a total cliché to call a bit of writing “laugh out loud funny” but Gawker really is. Or was.

Gawker was essential reading for the Highsnobiety team. It might sound weird that a site dedicated to the stuff that Gawker frequently skewers would find something to admire but, man, it’s hard to find quality, funny writing about current events in blog form and it’s even harder to write it (need proof? Just check the New Yorker).

We frequently shared articles, marveling at perfect headlines and clever angles that somehow transformed straightforward stories into ingenious punchlines (“Oi me brekkie!”).

Aspirational stuff. Media is a tough space; thanks for the good times.


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