Some people need to be put in their place. That goes double when it’s a rude customer who disrespects retail workers, waiters, and other customer service representatives. No one knows that better than these Redditors, who got revenge on awful customers—with incredibly satisfying results. Then again, sometimes they didn’t deserve it…

1. Something’s Fishy

This one is a little different. My first job was at McDonald’s. I was working the drive-thru, where we were required to do suggestive selling. Like “Welcome to McDonald’s, would you like to try a Big Mac this evening?” or if we didn’t lead with a suggest, after they place their order say something like “would you like an apple pie with your meal” etc.

If they didn’t order fries, suggest fries. If they didn’t get a drink suggest a drink. One night someone ordered a Filet-o-Fish (which are nasty even for McDonald’s food). But when he came to pay for it, he decided he didn’t want it.

Now, we would never sell a Filet-o-Fish, so the next guy that came to the drive-thru got something like this:

Me: Welcome to McDonald’s would you like to try a tasty Filet-o-Fish this evening?

Innocent Customer: No, I’ll take a Quarter Pounder

Me: Ok. Would you like to add a Filet-o-Fish to that?

Annoyed Customer: No, but add a Medium Coke.

Me: Ok, so that’s one Quarter Pounder, and one Medium Coke. Would you like to try a Filet-o-Fish with your order?

Upset Customer: I don’t want a Filet-o-fish, just tell me my total.

Me: Ok, I have a Quarter Pounder, a Medium Coke, and a Filet-o-Fish. Your total is 6.25 please pull around.

Irate Customer: I don’t want a freaking Filet-o-Fish and I’m not paying for it!

Me: I’m sorry about that. So I have just one Quarter Pounder, one Medium Coke, and no Filet-o-Fish. Please pull around to the second window.

Then I put the Filet-o-Fish in his bag anyway.


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