We tend to think of “good” customer service as polite waiters, happy cashiers, and helpful attendants. But what happens when customers need to be taught a lesson? Here is some of the best customer karma these Redditors have ever witnessed.

1. Told Ya So

I’m a former cell phone industry worker. We HAVE to pitch insurance and a case every time you get a new phone. We have to. You can actually be fired from some carriers for refusing to partake in making these suggestions. During a normal new-line set-up, this insanely rude woman is hostile about every part of the exchange.

Her credit is absolute garbage, so she has to pay a gnarly deposit and more of the phone up front, and that’s somehow my fault. As I’m finalizing everything before she’s completely rung up, I casually offer the same thing I do to literally everyone getting a new phone: Which insurance plan were you interested in, and what kinds of cases have you looked at?

Apparently, that was the most offensive thing she’d ever heard in her life. She immediately raises her voice and makes it really uncomfortable for me because apparently I’m accusing her of being clumsy. I kept my composure and tried calmly explaining everything.

I even try to let her know that I HAVE to offer that to everyone, and I couldn’t get anything across. Eventually my co-worker lets me know he’s got this. We swap places and finish each other’s sales. As she steps out of the store looking down at the Galaxy Note 3 she had just spent a total of 500 something dollars to get, she trips and smashes the screen. She comes back in asking for help after raising heck.


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