Nothing looks better than taking a beautiful running shoe back to basics. Salomon’s XT-6 Expanse sneaker looks great in alternate, weird forms but looks even better when it goes back to basics, as London-based creative imprint Bone Soda demonstrates with a gorgeous new footwear collaboration.

The Bone Soda x Salomon XT-6 Expanse sneaker collab is a terribly attractive blue and cream-tinged running shoe anchored by a hefty black sole that lines up with the identically-shaded tongue.

Thoughtful stuff made all the more better by the white web pattern that plays atop the Salomon shoe’s upper, a perpetual Bone Soda motif that informed the group’s previous Salomon collab, a pair of Salomon RX Slides that were both impressively graphic and impressively wearable.

Don’t call it bare-bones, though the Bone Soda Salomon XT-6 is certainly skeletonized in all the right ways, its lighter panels looking almost like the shoe’s bleached bones made external.

As solid as those shoes were, Bone Soda’s Salomon XT-6 Expanse sneaker is even better, the ultimate expression of freewheeling ingenuity and streetwear aesthetics.

In other words, a great-looking shoe collab for what may be Salomon’s best shoe. The XT-6, after all, is the perfect marriage of Salomon’s inimitable approach to devising beautifully utilitarian footwear, all clean lines and masterfully balanced silhouette.

Little wonder that the XT-6 is one of Salomon’s most popular shoes.

Releasing in mid-November through the DIJONSS store, Bone Soda’s own Salomon-powered retail space, the group’s Salomon XT-6 collab is demonstrative of its reach.

Founded in 2016, the friends-first company specializes in vibey parties and IYKYK events, a sorta new-school Places + Faces (with whom Bona Soda partnered back in April).

Between limited edition merch and musician co-signs, the best way to get to know Bone Soda is feet-first. The shoes you’re wearing, especially in a crepe-conscious town like London, say so much about you.

In that sense, the Bone Soda Salomon XT-6 shoes speak for themselves.

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