Sana is a smart sleep mask designed by Office for Product Design that helps you to relax and quickly fall asleep. As a therapeutic wearable, it alleviates sleep related problems like insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and chronic pain. Originally conceived in 2016 and since iterated upon and put into production, the minimalist device uses audiovisual stimulation to increase the balance between the left and right sides of your brain, guiding you into deep relaxation. Ongoing use of it resembles the effect of long-term meditative practices, clearing a busy mind.

The mask houses two LED arrays, emitting a warm light of a particular wavelength, which can be experienced even with your eyes closed behind the mask. Bone conduction speakers placed at each temple transmit a synchronised audio signal directly into the head, meaning the mask can be used without disturbing anyone sleeping next to you. Sana is built around a flexible lightweight frame with a fabric clad EVA exterior and replaceable lining. Its slim profile and breathable foam padded interior makes it comfortable to wear, even when resting the side of your head on a pillow. A simple touch control interface allows the mask to be operated blindly, and recharging is done through a magnetically attached USB cable.

Sana Sleep MaskSana Sleep MaskSana Sleep MaskSana Sleep MaskSana Sleep MaskSana Sleep MaskSana Sleep MaskSana Sleep Mask