Sandy Liang Spring/Summer 2024 is girl dinner. Liang serves NYFW’s main course for a certain sect of fashion girlie, a meal that nourishes the soul of women who crave clothing that’s equal parts Lisa Frank, Sailor Moon, and Sofia Coppola.

In fact, Liang’s SS24 collection is actually namedThe Virgin Suicides” in homage to Coppola’s directorial debut. The inspiration is less in the film’s existential angst and more in the casts’ clothes.

You can see the inspiration play out in Liang’s defiantly feminine dresses and chunky flip-flops, a Y2K throwback that’s in line both with the era when The Virgin Suicides premiered and Liang’s own aesthetic.

Also key to Sandy Liang SS24: shells.

Fascinated by the idea of a woman finding a piece of oceanic treasure during a summertime beach stroll, Liang designed shell necklaces and earrings, the chunkiest of which she dubbed the “shell phone.” Very cute, very Sandy Liang (sandy… like beach??)

Sandy Liang’s defiantly feminine ready-to-wear has swelled in fame over the past couple years, transitioning from cultish downtown staple to internationally-admired womenswear label with almost shocking swiftness.

Liang has met the spotlight by simply continuing to be herself: her approachability plays out in earnest Instagram posts that turn camera reel dumps into almost incidental marketing.

Her eponymous label’s broad appeal is built on ultra-wearable statement pieces like its deep-pile fleece jackets and increasingly coveted sneakers, starting with Vans and recently peaking with impossible-to-find Salomons.

No collaborative footwear at Sandy Liang’s SS24 runway show but don’t count her out. Totally viable that more Sandy Liang Salomons (or similar) will be en route by early next year… maybe.

Not like she really needs ’em, though. Fans who came clamoring for the Salomon sneakers likely came away with a pair or two of Liang’s in-house Mary Jane shoes, which evolved into snub-nosed slippers for Spring/Summer 2024.

Safe bet that loads of these will be stepping around Liang’s buzzy Lower East Side boutique in mere months.

The fans who’ll be buying those shoes alongside Liang’s the shell earrings, and bow-trimmed belt bags were typically elated about the SS24 collection. Their fervor underlined a key component to the Sandy Liang appeal: the clothes are great, sure, but it’s all about the attitude that the clothes convey, really.

Vibes, vibes, vibes.

“The girlys are girlying,” a few folks offered in the livestream chat. “It’s giving ‘No you may not enter my room no boys allowed!!!!'”

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