Some people have the self-control to hold back and take whatever rude behavior or bad energy others throw at them.  However, everyone has their limits, and at some point, even those people become fed up. Below, people share their stories of how they stood up to someone who was being a complete and utter jerk. The results have never been so satisfying:

1. Big Apple Bonehead

When I was 14, my little brother and I were in New York City visiting relatives. My brother was hard of hearing—he wasn’t deaf, but he rarely reacted to people talking to him unless they made eye contact. We got onto a crowded elevator, and a guy—an adult—walking behind him said, “Excuse me”, but my brother didn’t hear him. So, then he bellowed, “I SAID GET OUTTA MY WAY,” before proceeding to swear.

Everyone was looking at him because an adult swearing at a child is inappropriate, even for New York. The guy made a cheesy smile and said, “Heh…Welcome to New York”. But I made sure he’d regret ever treating my brother like that. I looked at him and said, “He is deaf”. The guy turned nine shades of white and he was trapped on an elevator for 40-odd floors with 10 people who hated him. It was pretty glorious.


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