Dog wearing Whistle Go Explore GPS tracker

SAVE $39.24: As of July 7, the Whistle Go Explore GPS pet tracker is $39.24 off ahead of Amazon Prime Day — get one for just $110.71.

As a pet owner, it’s never a bad idea to have a tracker on your dog. Even the most well-behaved, well-trained canines can be distracted by a rogue mail truck and go sprinting after it, leaving you in the dust and wondering where the hell they went off to.

If your dog has a good GPS tracker on their collar, though, you’ll have a little more peace of mind. The Whistle Go Explore is one of our favorites, and it’s $39.24 off as an early Amazon Prime Day deal. Snag one for just $110.71 while you still can.

The Whistle Go Explore is a bulky but super durable tracker that can be secured to your dog’s collar with one of two attachments. Once you get it attached, all you need to do is download the Whistle app, pair it with your tracker, and get your subscription started ($8.25 per month). The Go Explore’s location tracking is extremely accurate, and also allows for custom notifications when your furry friend leaves specific areas that you’ve marked as “safe zones.”

It’s not just a GPS tracker, though — the Whistle Go Explore also features in-depth health analytics, with the ability to monitor activity levels, behaviors like excessive licking and scratching, and more. The device also boasts a 20-day battery life, a built-in night light, and access to on-the-go veterinary assistance.


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