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Find everything you need to combat shedding season during Amazon’s 48-hour Pet Day Event. From grooming tools to vacuums, this event has it all.

As a pet parent, I know the struggle is real when it comes to pet hair. No matter how often we brush, clean, vacuum, and bathe our fur babies, there’s always more hair to clean up. Fortunately, Amazon’s Pet Day Event is here to save the day (and your floors and furniture) with some pretty amazing deals on shedding season essentials.

What is Amazon Pet Day?

Amazon Pet Day is a 48-hour event that officially begins on Tuesday, May 2, and ends on Wednesday, May 3. During this event, pet owners and lovers can save big on everything from grooming gadgets to health supplies for their furry friends.

Do I need a Prime membership to participate in Amazon Pet Day?

No! Everyone can participate in Amazon’s Pet Day Event, regardless of whether or not they’re Prime members. If you are a Prime member, however, you may be able to score a few members-only discounts during the event.

Even though the official event doesn’t start until May 2, Amazon has already rolled out discounts on some must-have items for pet parents, including top-rated pet hair removal tools.

Best pet hair remover tool

Why we like it

The ChomChom pet hair remover is perfect for cat and dog parents looking for an effective, eco-friendly way to remove pet hair from their furniture and clothes. This little gadget works like a roller brush to pick up and trap pet hair without sticky adhesives. Plus, it’s reusable and easy to clean.

Runner-up pet hair remover tool

Why we like it

The Uproot Cleaner Pro pet hair remover is affordable and effective. With more than 19,000 reviews on Amazon, it’s clear this pet hair remover is a fan favorite. Like the ChomChom pet hair remover, this tool is reusable, eco-friendly, and easy to use on various surfaces without sacrificing the fabric or material.

Best pet grooming kit

Why we like it

The neabot P1 Pro pet grooming kit and vacuum is a professional-grade grooming tool ideal for pet owners who want to keep their furry friends and their homes clean. With its powerful motor and versatile attachments, this vac effectively removes pet hair and dander while also serving as a grooming tool. It also has a low-noise design, making grooming sessions less stressful for pets and owners.

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