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The best deals on Breville juicers, blenders, and bluicers as of Jan. 9:

Whether you’re juicing to reach a personal wellness goal or just looking to save some time in the kitchen, now’s the time to make a move and buy a Breville.

Thanks to Amazon and Best Buy, you could save up to $76 on a full range of award-winning appliances (including a “bluicer”) made by one of Australia’s leading kitchen appliance brands.

Best compact electric juicer deal 

Why we like it 

The Breville Juice Fountain Compact Juicer is small and powerful. This juicer features an integrated froth separator (cleaning brush included) and a three-inch-wide chute for whole fruits and veggies — no pre-cutting needed.

Best cold XL juicer deal 

Why we like it 

If you’re juicing for two or more, the Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL can hold up to 70 ounces of juice. It features a three-and-on-half-inch feed chute and can extract up to five times faster than the average cold press machine. Thanks to its built-in noise reduction technology, you can juice anytime — without waking up the neighborhood.

Best bluicer deal 

Why we like it 

The term “bluicer” sounds a little made up, but it’s real and pretty awesome. When it comes to juicing, the Breville 3x Bluicer gives you options. You can make slushies, smoothies, cocktails, dips, and more. It has four pre-programmed functions, five speed settings, and cold spring technology for a chilled pour filled with flavor.


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