Nell Gwyn was an X-Rated Cinderella. Born in abject poverty, she became a professional actress, the beloved mistress of King Charles II, and died as an icon of the Restoration. However, all Nell’s legendary insults and remarkable beauty couldn’t save her from drama, scandal, and sorrow. Take a bow to these fierce facts about Nell Gwyn, England’s Royal Mistress.

Nell Gwyn Facts

1. A One-King Woman

Charles II took many mistresses, and some of them returned their king’s infidelity. For example, he once caught one of Nell’s rivals, Lady Castlemaine, in a “not good” position with the Duke of Marlborough (understatement of the century). In contrast, Gwyn met Charles when she was just 17 and was faithful to him not just until his death, but afterward too.

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