Paul Lynde’s hilarious, boundary-pushing one-liners kept home audiences in hysterics. The actor spent his entire career playing the stereotypical hilarious gay uncle on screen and vehemently denying he was also the hilarious gay uncle off-screen as well. One thing’s for certain: Lynde had horrifying tragedies at his back and shocking skeletons in his closet.

1. He Wanted Drama

Paul Lynde came from humble beginnings. Born in Mount Vernon, Ohio, he was the fifth of six children and his parents owned a meat market. When Lynde was just five years old, he had a fateful experience: His mother took him to see the silent film Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ. That was it for the young boy. He knew at that early age that he wanted to be a dramatic actor.

He had no clue that leading the life of an entertainer would be a magnet for trouble.

paul lynde

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