Sometimes even when we think we know somebody inside and out, there are still mysteries lurking beneath the surface…These stories are all about what happens after a loved one’s passing—when their darkest and most surprising secrets are unearthed for all to see. From living a reckless double life to being a verified hero, these secrets from beyond the grave will have you questioning whether you can ever truly know anybody.

1. He Really Did Care

My paternal grandmother and grandfather had a volatile and violent relationship before they got divorced when my dad was a young teenager. They never spoke to or of each other again after the divorce. My grandmother passed and he did not come to her funeral, which disappointed me, but no one was surprised. Two years later, he passed.

When going through his stuff I found a bible. This shocked me for three reasons. The first reason is that my grandfather was, as far as anyone knew, an atheist. Despite that fact, the bible is clearly well read and there are notes in it. He had underlined certain words and sentences and even circled whole passages. Second, the bible was given to him by a guy famous for murdering a politician in my country. He had written that in a message on the first page.

Thirdly, I discovered something so heartbreaking—I’ll never forget it: My grandfather had cut out and saved my grandmother’s obituary, slipping it between the pages of the bible. I don’t remember what page, because stupid me dropped it, but the passage was so beautiful. He did care and he did mourn. I still have that bible. But that wasn’t all.

This man was a secret keeper extraordinaire. We also learned he had another son, 25 years younger than my dad and he looks exactly like my dad! He is part of the family now.


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