Pola Negri’s “exotic” looks and sensual charms made her THE femme fatale during the Golden Age of Hollywood. She carried an air of mystery—and used it to hide her behind-the-scenes scandals. From her steamy bedroom habits to her turbulent personal life, this is the story of Pola Negri, Hollywood’s dark starlet.

1. She Had A Riches To Rags To Riches Story

Pola Negri was born Apolonia Chalupec in 1897 in Lipno, Poland. Her mother was a washerwoman and her father a tinsmith—but it hadn’t always been that way. According to Negri, her mother had been nobility but had lost everything after supporting Napoleon Bonaparte. However, as we’ll learn, Negri was prone to spinning melodramatic tales about herself—and this woeful tale might have been another one of her fabrications.

But whether she was actually a lost princess or not, Negri’s childhood was hugely traumatic.

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