Listen up, Seth Rogen stans: The actor, comedian, and budding potter is listing his creative retreat in Los Angeles on Airbnb for only $42 a night — and yes, Seth Rogen is included.

The prolific weed smoker and surprisingly stylish actor is offering a series of one-night stays inspired by Houseplant, his line of ceramic smoking paraphernalia.

According to Rogen’s listing, the sprawling, mid-century modern home is stocked with some of his favorite Housegoods and a munchies-filled fridge.

The icing on the cake? Rogen will not only personally welcome you to your stay, he’ll also give you a one-on-one pottery-throwing lesson at the property’s in-house ceramic studio. Maybe you’ll design the next Houseplant drop.

Don’t expect to light up with the Pineapple Express star, though.

“No cannabis-based products will be made available or provided to guests during the stays,” notes the Seth Rogen Airbnb page.

That being said, Rogen’s announcement on Instagram suggests there may be a possibility for the contrary: “We will ‘relax’ together,” he says using air-quotes, so never say never.

If spending a night making pottery with Seth Rogen for a only 42 bucks per day sounds too good to be true, it kind of is.

Seth Rogen’s Airbnb hangout experience will only be offered on three dates: February 15, 16, and 17, which would make for a truly special Valentine’s Day gift indeed.

Booking opens on February 7 at 10 a.m. PT — expect a mad rush of fans that may or may not crash Airbnb’s website and will almost definitely snap up every opportunity to hang out at Rogen’s pad.

So mark your calendars; set your alarms. The opportunity to “relax” with one of the world’s most universally beloved actors is, well, once in a lifetime.