Imagine dropping suddenly to the ground after a tough workout, with no discernable vital signs. Imagine falling, only to be impaled by a piece of rogue construction equipment. You’d think your chances of survival would be slim, right? That’s what these medical professionals thought about their patients, but they were wrong. Here are the shocking true stories of medical marvels that these doctors, nurses, EMTs, and anesthesiologists shared on Reddit.

1. Wear Seatbelts, Folks

I’m a doctor, and this happened during my off-hours. I witnessed a sedan with a trailer flip four times at about 120 km/h on a highway into a ditch right in front of me. The scene was shocking—A 12 year old wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the vehicle through an open window. He had a superficial laceration of his leg and was in shock, but otherwise, he was apparently unharmed.

We did a quick trauma evaluation of the family and everyone seemed okay. I applied pressure to the kid’s bleeding leg until EMS got there. When we were running to the wrecked car as the dust was settling, I was sure we were just going to see disembodied pieces of that kid everywhere—but that’s not what we saw at all. He was FULLY intact; just really, really lucky. Wear seatbelts, folks. Everyone who remained buckled in the car didn’t even have a scratch.


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