How well do you know your family? You spend the majority of your life thinking you know your own blood best, but you never truly know what secrets they keep. Let the following stories be a lesson that when it comes to your family—whether it be your parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, or cousins—things are not always as they seem:

1. A Shocking Revelation

I found out that my father was awarded medals for saving fellow shipmates on the U.S.S. Benevolence when it sank. I knew my dad fought in Korea, but he never spoke about it, ever. I found out how high up he was in the Navy at his funeral. They played Taps, gave a gun salute, and they asked my mother for his uniform.

She was given the uniform back the day before the funeral; it had been cleaned and pressed. We received a flag as well, and my mother was saluted. There may have been more, but the day was tragic enough, and it was a shock to see so many naval men there as well. It was like there was a whole different dad who I never knew about.


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