Olivia Culpo, Yvesmark Chery, & Olivia Pontone

Another day, another fashion week, and thus another reason for Highsnobiety to host another function with StockX.

Fresh off the plane from New York — and still reminiscing about our last bash — the snobs again joined forces with the sneaker experts to host a celebration in the spirit of Paris Fashion Week.

Hosted at the Paris’ esteemed Silencio des Prés, the night commenced with a candle-lit dinner filled with sneaker vases sprouting lush plants.

As hours crept toward the prime time for partying, the evening soon called for shots and caviar. Indeed, guests huddled for a quick bottoms-up while savoring the delicacy served from StockX-branded tins onto their hands (by the way, this is the proper way to eat the salt-cured roe).

In the city recognized as the world’s fashion capital, the ‘fits naturally were on-point and aplenty. Stylish serves arrived courtesy of guests like Maye Musk, Noah Beck, and Olivia Culpo. And of course, the squad of Julia Fox, Richie Shazaam, and Briana Andalore were also in attendance and turning heads.

StockX presence’s naturally evoked loads of footwear heat — enough make any sneakerhead’s eyes light up — from coveted Nike collaborations to Rick Owens to classic Air Jordan 1s.

With DJ 99 Ginger spinning us out with hits and mirror pillars present throughout the venue for quick ‘fit checks, Highsnobiety and StockX closes out fashion month, laced up and pinkies up.