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Over the years, countless sneaker care and cleaning products have risen to the surface of the market, providing a plethora of options for sneakerheads and enthusiasts to keep their most prized kicks looking spotless. Everybody has their favorites, whether that’s Crep Protect, Reshoevn8r, or Liquiproof, few have reached the same level of consumer trust as Sneakers ER.

I remember coming across Sneakers ER at school when it launched back in 2015. At the time, I was scouting the market for options and ended up heavily stocked on Jason Markk. Unlike many of its competitors, Sneakers ER seemingly had every base covered, from pre-care to cleaning, restoration, and everything in between.

In the long run, this ended up being the bread and butter that set it apart from other shoe care products on the market – this was a 360-degree approach that was created by sneakerheads for sneakerheads.

As the brand identity developed over the years, eventually, these foundations came to life as serviceable hubs across the UK, the first of which being the Sneakers ER, Sneaker Laundry, Cafe, and Store in Glasgow, Scotland.

For those that wanted to direct to source or were too scared to try their hand at a restoration or buffing up their suede themselves (trust me, sometimes it’s between to let go of the reigns), this hub put the power in the hands of the professionals. Drop ’em off, pay the fee, pick ’em up – it’s that simple.

From here on out, Sneakers ER partnered with Selfridges, creating one of the Oxford Street, London store’s biggest consumer-facing services, at least where sneakers are concerned. The partnership served as a natural next step in Selfridges’ mission to ensure 45% of its transactions come from circular products and services by 2030 as part of its larger Project Earth sustainability strategy.

By combining the retail experience with repair and cleaning services in one location, sneaker fans could shop for new products as well as ensure the longevity of their current favorites.

Now, these services are extending further beyond London, as Selfridges opens Sneakers ER hubs in its Manchester Trafford Centre store (which is open to the public now), with an expansion to the Birmingham Bullring store in 2023.


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