Theragun Pro

SAVE $50: As of July 27, the Theragun Pro massage gun is $50 off the original price at Amazon, just $549 for a limited time.

Whether you’re a straight-up gym rat or somebody who’d rather do anything than exert yourself during a workout, you’re going to experience muscle soreness at some point, and it sucks. Big time. You could of course just rest to recover from the pain, but who has the time for that? Besides, wouldn’t you prefer a reinvigorating massage?

You could pay a visit to your nearest masseuse/masseur, or you could just pick up a Theragun Pro and have all the deep-tissue massages you want, whenever you want. They’re on sale for a limited time — $50 off at Amazon, bringing the total down to just $549.

The Theragun Pro uses percussive therapy to help reduce muscle soreness, improve mobility, and just help you relax. Using the Therabody companion app, you can choose from a vast library of treatments for different muscle groups depending on what kind of relief you’re looking for. The device’s rotating arm and multi-grip give you the ability to perform each treatment completely by yourself, and you’ll even get a few different attachments to further customize your sessions.


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