Actress Stephanie Hsu during an interview on The Tonight Show.

Stephanie Hsu found out about her Oscar nomination for Everything Everywhere All at Once while flying between Los Angeles and Sydney, but only after she’d done a lovely ritual viewing of the film itself.

Hsu, who plays Joy Wang/Jobu Tupaki in the film, is nominated for best supporting actress, and told Jimmy Fallon about her own personal in-flight viewing on The Tonight Show.

“I wanted to do a ritual for myself. Things have gotten shinier and shinier. And I wanted to have a moment where I got to watch the movie one more time to look back on that moment, of that seed of making, the heartbeat, this special thing we made together. And I hadn’t watched it on a plane,” said Hsu.

“I felt like one of those superfans of our own movie where they always say, ‘The movie starts and I start weeping.’ And that was me, I was so embarrassed. I was like, I hope no one’s seeing me cry at our own movie.”