To be a king, you must wear a crown; if you’re the pumpkin king, that crown is a Story mfg. cardigan.

The British label’s hand-crafted outdoor wear has always resembled the type that you will find at a gardening patch or farmer’s market. Filled with hand-knitted jumpers, wide-leg cargo pants, and tie-dye prints, we’ve grown very fond of its neo-hippy aesthetic over the years.

But its Twinsun cardigan somewhat goes against the friendly community vibe you will find amongst outdoorsy folk and crowns its wearer the pumpkin king — flexing on all fellow vegetable growers. The front of the cardigan even has embroidered graphics illustrating a range of outstanding veg that this pumpkin king can grow.

Of course, we know that this fun print is all done in jest but don’t be surprised if you find yourself in some green-fingered, friendly competition after wearing this cardigan or its accompanying sweater vest.

While the knitted vest doesn’t go as far as crowning you a vegetable-growing king, the Party Vest does also keep to an agricultural theme with its crochet decoration coming in the form of different veggies.

As we’ve come to expect from Story mfg., these pieces not only reference nature but are made with a deep respect for it. Hand-knit with organic cotton and hand-dyed with natural dyes, the label is a stellar example of what operating a fashion house with sustainable ethics should be — without any greenwashing.

As co-founder Saeed Al-Rubeyi recently wrote in one of his blog posts on the brand’s website: “one of the ‘unusual’ things about Story mfg. is we don’t do a thing until we can do it our way.” This means that every piece from the brand has been carefully produced using its laborious craft-based production model.

Its star-printed shirt, for example, is hand embroidered and hand block printed with organic cotton linen and its highly-popular pullover is made with 100% organic cotton velvet and adorned with hand-crocheted colorful swirls. But let me stop rambling on about the fabrics used for every item and let you browse all of the latest pieces to drop from Story mfg. on our online store, below.

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