A man sitting in a chair looks surprised. The text below him reads:

In fairness, Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn does look pretty different without the wig.

Making his late night debut on The Tonight Show on Monday, the British actor who plays everyone’s favourite metalhead, Eddie Munson, explained that he’d had a little trouble getting into America. Quinn told host Jimmy Fallon his tale of being taken into a side room by airport security and asked why he was visiting the country.

“I said, ‘I’m actually here to meet Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show,’ and he didn’t believe me,” Quinn says in the clip above. “And one of his colleagues looked over at me, looked at him, said: ‘Leave Eddie alone.'”

Apparently the security agent eventually realised who he was talking to, at which point he asked the question many others have been asking: “Do you come back next season?”

Quinn’s response was “I don’t know,” to which the agent replied, “You’d better.”

The good news? Quinn was then given his passport and waved through. The bad news? Eddie ain’t coming back.


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