When people look back at their time spent in school, the bigger, more significant moments that usually come to mind tend to be personal. And then there are people like the ones found in a Reddit thread about school scandals, who shared stories from their time in school that sound more like an episode of Degrassi. Some of these scandals will have the reader laughing, others will have the reader cringing, but regardless of the reaction it causes, there is a good chance that after each story, the reader will be left saying, “Scandalous!”

1. Wrong On So Many Levels

In the eighth grade, one of my friend’s parents had cancer and he thought it was a good idea to bring some of his parent’s meds to school and hand them out like candy. These were strong, strong meds, and not all of them were pain pills. At least five kids overdosed and two of them had seizures, but thankfully everyone survived.


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