Going to the doctor is never fun. Although doctors have seen it all, we can’t help but be embarrassed when we find ourselves afflicted by phantom ailments, silly accidents, or even worse—problems in our nether regions.  Here, patients share their most embarrassing medical stories that will make even the most seasoned professionals blush and feel their pain.

1. Let ’Er Rip!

One night back in high school, I woke up with terrible stomach pains in the middle of the night. I spent an hour in the bathroom trying to vomit or poop so the pain would disappear. Eventually, my mother drove me to the hospital, and after half an hour in the ER, I finally got a room. The nurse came in to do all that pre-doctor stuff, and the moment she left, I really couldn’t take it anymore—I let out a giant ripper and felt 100% better. We left shortly after that, and, yes, it was awkward.


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