OMEGA and Swatch are back at it, dropping more Mission to Moonshine Gold Moonswatches with a surprise restock. This time, though, things are different: OMEGA and Swatch are offering fans two different days to cop the revived Moonswatch collection, rather than the usual single-day drop.

According to Swatch’s October 26 Instagram post, the OMEGA x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold Moonswatch is restocking in late October, just in time for Halloween. One last jumpscare for the Moonswatch-desperate, perhaps?

What’s interesting is that the previous Mission to Moonshine Gold Moonswatches only ever dropped in time for supermoon events like the harvest moon or special occasions like Swiss National Day.

But the next OMEGA x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold Moonswatch is different. It drops in time for October 2023’s full moon, hinting that there may be more Moonswatch drops in the near future — supermoons are over for 2023 but there are at least a few more full moons to come.

That’s a nice change of pace for beleaguered fans tired of getting locked out of previous Moonswatch timepiece drops and restocks due to extreme demand.

“Totally lost interest in these due to the limited / shop only bs they pedal [sic],” one commenter moaned on Swatch’s Instagram page. “Mission impossible to get it,” another sobbed.

Praying that those dudes are able to luck out when OMEGA and Swatch drop another Mission to Moonshine Gold Moonswatch on October 28 and 29, the first time that the coveted watches have launched on two separate days.

As usual, the new Moonswatches will release at participating Swatch stores across the globe for $295 apiece.

Though Swatch’s recent affordable Fifty Fathoms watches proved comparably approachable, the OMEGA Moonswatch collection has been impossible to get since its initial release.

Every drop has been mobbed by huge lines as would-be customers reach out to every international Swatch store for a chance to get what is effectively a semi-affordable, space-themed Speedmaster watch.

The reviews may not be raving but the almighty dollar doesn’t lie: OMEGA and Swatch have a massive hit on their hands.

And the hype don’t stop at the stores, either.

Every Mission to Moonshine Gold Moonswatch is currently reselling for at least $100 over retail, though that’s not all that much when you compare it to an OMEGA Speedmaster, which typically sells for a minimum of four figures.

No big surprise, though: people just want to be able to buy affordable versions of expensive watches first-hand. Hopefully Swatch will offer them just that come Halloween 2023.

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