Aspasia Manos was fiercely proud of her noble Greek bloodline, but an impressive pedigree wasn’t enough to satisfy those who opposed her marriage to King Alexander I of Greece and denied her a royal title as long as they could. Aspasia and Alexander’s devotion to one another endured strife, humiliation, and a gruesome event—yet their romance still ultimately ended in tragedy. Let’s fall in love with these facts about Madame Manos, the commoner adored by her king.

1. She Had Bragging Rights

Aspasia was born in Athens on September 4, 1896. Both her parents, Petros Manos and Maria Argyropoulos, were descendants of the highest-ranking Greek Phanariot families of Constantinople and the rulers of Transylvania, Wallachia, and Moldavia. Petros was a colonel who served as aide-de-camp to King Constantine I of Greece. Unfortunately, his marriage to the job outlasted the one with Maria.

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