Bottega Veneta is sitting pretty. The label’s Gaetano Pesce-designed chairs, first unveiled at Milan Fashion Week, are finally available to purchase — and they range anywhere between $6,500 to $9,800.

The resin seats debuted at Bottega Veneta’s Spring/Summer 2023 runway show, where models strutted through an entire set that creative director Matthieu Blazy commissioned Pesce to craft. The Italian architect’s blocky chairs, rendered in a range of creamy, sorbet-like shades, complemented an equally colorful floor, also made of resin.

“This space is a tribute to diversity,” Pesce said of the set in a recent interview. “We are all different and this is our defining quality — otherwise, we are just a copy. We are all originals and this is one of the themes of my design.”

Indeed, it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite among Pesce’s designs: some resemble marbled sheets of Fruit Roll-Ups; others are decorated with delightfully childlike doodles; a selection stand stark in solid washes of crimson.

Now, the one-of-a-kind chairs — collectively dubbed “Come Stai?”, the Italian phrase for “how are you?” — are headed to Design Miami, where they will be exhibited from November 29 to December 4. Yes, they’ll be available to purchase, too (the Art Basel crowd is sure to snatch them up).

For those who can’t make it out to the Sunshine State, a selection of Pesce’s chairs are shop-able at Bottega Veneta’s website.


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