If I had enough money to shop at Erewhon, I like to think I’d be doing so with the same effortless swag as Taylor Lautner.

Look at him, meandering out of the glorified grocery store wearing nothing more than a sleeveless muscle tee and short shorts without a care in the world and a big bag of veg. I am jealous. I am sad. And I am in awe of the Erewhon-ness of it all.

Every time I look at this image, I’m finding myself increasingly drawn to Lautner’s Oakley BXTRs too, those shiny red-mirrored numbers sitting comfortably atop his sculpted nose.

As the proud owner of a pair of Oakley BXTRs myself I too can vouch for both their comfort and eye protecting abilities.

But when I wear Oakleys (I’m usually running or riding a bike, FYI) I look more like one of those pushy hiking dads than I do like Lautner. The mid-life crisis type. Top down on a new mid-range sports car vibe. Yet when Lautner wears them, to Erewhon of all places, the swag is incomparable.

No shade to the glasses (pun intended), because the problem here is that my potato-shaped head doesn’t quite hold the BXTR like Lautner’s perfectly-shaped cranium. It’s genetics and I came out on the wrong side.

Still, it makes you think: if you haven’t been handmade by angels like Lautner has, can you really pull off a pair of Oakleys without looking like a complete dweeb? Probably not. But I’ll keep trying.

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