It’s been said that teachers can sometimes learn more from their students than their students learn from them! After all, teachers are only human. They are trying to understand the world and learn from their experiences as much as the rest of us. So when a teacher winds up with that one student in their class who has a greater impact on them than they ever could have imagined, it’s something that they don’t forget any time soon. Here are 50 stories about some of the most unforgettable students that teachers have ever had.

1. Words To Live By

The student that I will never forget is Big Mike. I’m a high school science teacher in an affluent suburb. We get this transfer kid in, who is about 6’8”, 350 pounds, with a long, thin Hulk Hogan-style mullet and big glasses. Mike hailed from the hills of Kentucky. He had a thick southern accent, and was the most quotable kid I ever met.

He used to say things like: “I hate books Mr. Teacher!” One time, he said: “My grandma made me sleep on the porch because she cooked some veggies and I told her dang it woman! Where’s the meat?!” Another time, he said: “I ain’t never seen a pencil like this. Can I keep this and show my dad?” He was talking about a regular mechanical pencil.

But those pale in comparison to my favorite quote of all time: “They threw me out of Golden Corral because I ate eight of them steaks they had. I was so mad, next time I’m trying for nine!” One time, we were supposed to have a fire drill at precisely 1:55 PM. When the bell didn’t go off, he went ahead and pulled the alarm. He honestly thought he was helping out whoever had forgotten.


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