These folks took to Reddit to share the heartwarming moments they’ll never forget. Some share stories of tiny gestures that restored their faith in the kindness of humanity. Some reveal bigger moments that helped them get through some pretty dark days. In all cases, they remind us that sometimes the simplest acts from loved ones—or even strangers—go a long way and make an incredible difference.

1. Paying It Forward From The Back

I am a cashier at Walmart. A lady (maybe in her 30s) who you could obviously tell didn’t have much money, came through my line with groceries that added up to being just under $300. When she tried using her debit card, it kept getting declined. She got really embarrassed and started apologizing to those behind her and then to me, and she said she would just take all the food back because she couldn’t afford them. Then a miracle happened.

A man that was three customers behind her in line started saying “excuse me” to those in front of him and he made his way to the front. He pulled out his debit card and paid for her groceries. She started crying (and I did, too). She began asking the man for his phone number so she could pay him back one day, but he refused. So, he paid with his own money—he didn’t even use a credit card.

I’ve had a few different experiences like this while working as a cashier, but none like that. It touched my heart.


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