Oh, that feeling when you start a brand new TV show. You become friends with the characters and feel like you’re actually a part of their story. You laugh when they do, cry when they’re sad, and plot revenge when they’ve been wronged. We’ve all been there. The worst part? When your favorite show comes to an end. Here’s the good, the odd, and the ugly of TV finales. Fair warning: spoilers ahead.

1. Friends: “The Last One”

52.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the last episode of Friends in 2004. The two-parter saw all six friends leaving Monica and Chandler’s apartment together, everyone leaving their key behind. The pair were moving with their brand new baby twins, Jack and Eric, to a new home. Ross and Rachel finally ended up together, after 10 years of on-again-off-again on-screen angst. Phoebe and her husband Mike decided they were going to try for a baby.

And Joey? He went on to have his own short-lived show. The cast admitted to trying to stall production for this episode, as no one wanted it to end.

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