Talk about an easy pill to swallow: A new handbag is joining Telfar’s lineup, and it’s called — you guessed it — the Pill.

Telfar shared a cryptic Instagram post announcing the new model, which appears to be a circle-shaped pouch. “High tech or high fashion? Makeup compact or compact disc? Bag or organizer? YA or NAH?” the brand’s caption reads.

Telfar’s mysterious teaser makes only one thing clear: The Pill will drop on February 10 in three different sizes. Colors and pricing remain under wraps, as does a full picture of the bag’s appearance and structure. Is it a circular crossbody? A spherical backpack? Who knows!

Despite Telfar’s efforts to maintain an air of mystery surrounding the launch, an eagle-eyed netizen spotted a subway-rider wearing an unreleased Telfar accessory that could be the Pill, judging from its shape. Leave it to internet sleuths to ruin a surprise.

The announcement of the Pill comes shortly after Telfar debuted its first wallet, a curved design crafted in 17 different colorways. Like the brand’s coveted Shopping Bag, the wallet swiftly sold out (in less than five minutes, according to the grapevine). And as Highsnobiety’s Morgan Smith reported, the model has already hit the after-market, where resellers are asking an outrageous $1,500-plus for the $144 SKU.

The Pill is Telfar’s fourth handbag, following in the footsteps of the brand’s iconic Shopping, Circle, and Duffle bags. We’ll have to wait until release day to see whether the new model generates the same amount of fanfare as Telfar’s previous drops have — but given the brand’s track record, it’s safe to say that everyone will be popping Pills come February 10.