An adult pretending to be a child and slithering their way into forbidden places? This isn’t just the plot of the horror movie Orphan, it was Frédéric Bourdin’s real life. The King of Imposters spent his troubled days impersonating hundreds of imaginary boys—and getting away with it—until he took it way too far.

1. He Had A Broken Family

On June 13, 1974, Frédéric Pierre Bourdin was born to 18-year-old Ghislaine Bourdin—a broke factory worker. Officially, the young mother listed the father as unknown, despite knowing his true identity. The mystery man was Kaci, her 25-year-old co-worker.

Sadly, her love story turned into heartbreak after Ghislaine discovered not only her pregnancy but also that Kaci was already married. She quit her job, ghosted him, and set out to raise Frédéric on her own. Despite the circumstances, Frédéric seemed like a normal baby. But Ghislaine was anything but a normal mother—and her newborn paid the price.

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