taylor swift at awards show and screenshot of tweet about eras tour ticketing mess

It’s been a weird week to be on Twitter. The whole thing is kind of falling apart under Elon Musk’s management.

But, for the time being, Twitter remains up and running. And this week, it was a hub for the Swifties who were really going through a rough time. To recap: Ticketmaster made it nearly impossible to get tickets for Taylor Swift’s upcoming Eras tour. Digital queues were impossibly long, the Ticketmaster site often crashed, and lots of people were left very disappointed. If you didn’t get a pre-sale code or you weren’t a Capital One cardholder, you literally didn’t even get a chance to buy a ticket. Making matters even worse, the general public sale of the tickets was canceled on Thursday.

The Swifties might’ve had a bad week, but they were still very good at posting about it. Here are 11 of the best tweets of the week from Taylor Swift fans talking about a very bad time.

1. It could happen. Just saying. If you’re motivated enough…

2. It’s sad and scary that it might actually be easier to get a weapon than a ticket.

3. You have to earn the right to that luck.

4. Willy Wonka at least admitted most people wouldn’t get in.

5. Go play with fire or something, honey.

6. You got everyone on board. Congrats. You will never see her live again.

7. This isn’t a funny one, but those prices are COMICAL.

8. Coming to Netflix in 2024.

9. Ticketmaster could be in big trouble.

10. That must sting.

11. And finally, this.