illustration of twitter logo and a tweet about drew barrymore

It’s summer and it is HOT out there. I don’t know where you are located, but where I live, it is oppressively muggy outside. I take two steps into the outdoors and I’m pouring sweat. And it’s even hotter in other places.

But you know what? You can just stay inside and read tweets all day. That’s perfectly fine. You can do whatever you want.

That in mind, we collected eight of the best tweets of the week. Go ahead and enjoy them, safely inside and away from the heat.

1. Just trying to be normal as everything collapses. Every day. We love to see it. It is such a fun way to live.

2. She lives on a different plane of existence. And I would like to be there.

3.You always gotta be ready for Ninja Turtle weather. It’s wild stuff.

4. An obligatory dril tweet for you.

5. This is an absolute nightmare scenario. HR cannot resolve this. Nothing can resolve this.

6. I’m not sure this if funny. But it is true. So there’s that.

7. OK, he did do that. He was hawlin‘ alright.

8. And finally, this.


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