Our ongoing collection—the architects—is a way to help you discover high quality minimalist architects around the world. Exploring architects country by country, here you can find a listing of notable Spanish projects featured on Minimalissimo.

  • A Studio
  • Alfaro Hofmann
  • All Around Lab
  • Amaia Arana Arkitektura
  • Balzar Arquitectos
  • DG Arquitecto Valencia
  • Deza Setien
  • Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
  • Francesc Rifé Studio
  • Horma
  • MRM+A
  • Marina Senabre
  • Marià Castelló
  • Mathieson Architects
  • NOS Arquitectura
  • Sancho-Madridejos

The Architects: SpainThe Architects: Spain