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UPDATE: Jul. 26, 2022, 11:45 a.m. EDT We’ve updated this post with the best deals from across the Apple universe.

  • BEST MAC DEAL: The 16-inch MacBook Pro (M1 Pro, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) is a powerhouse laptop built for creatives down to a record-low price — $2,199 $2,499 at Amazon (save $300)

  • BEST IPAD DEAL: The 2020 iPad Air (WiFi, 64GB) is a great budget friendly pick for students who want a little extra processing power — $449.99 $549 at Best Buy (save $99.01)

  • BEST IPHONE DEAL: The iPhone 13 Mini (64GB) at Verizon is a mini phone with plenty of storage space and a battery life worth bragging about — $0 with an eligible trade-in on select 5G unlimited plans $699.99 (save up to $700)

  • BEST APPLE WATCH DEAL: The Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm, GPS) gives you the best bang for your buck— $338.99 $399 at Amazon (save $60.01)

  • BEST ACCESSORIES DEAL: The AirPods Max are the stylish and functional over-the-ear headphones that most Apple users are sure to love — $479 $549 at Amazon (save $70)

You could really kill some time trying to dissect the iron grasp Apple has on the general population, but when it comes down to it, its products look good, work well, and stay cutting-edge — of course people like them. Whether your favorite day of the year is its annual September reveal event or you just want a solid computer no matter the brand, Apple’s got you covered. Sure, it is a little notorious for its higher prices, but we’ve rounded up the best deals on iPads, AirPods, and more to help you out. Check them out below.

Mac and MacBook deals

Why we like it

Check out Mashable’s official review of the 2021 MacBook Pro.

This is not an everyday laptop, so it doesn’t come at an everyday price — but it is down to the lowest price we’ve ever seen it. For multitaskers who want room-filling speakers, a battery life that’s built to last, and the workflow that only a 16-inch Liquid Retina XDR display can provide, the 2021 MacBook Pro is the way to go.

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iPad deals

Why we like it

The iPad deals aren’t all that impressive this week, but if you’re in the mood to buy, this 2020 iPad Air is probably your best bet. It doesn’t have the M1 chip of its newer counterpart, but its A14 Bionic chip can still handle photo editing and games without a problem. Plus, with the iPadOS 16 update, we doubt you’ll be able to tell this iPad is two years old.

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iPhone deals

Our pick: iPhone 13 Mini at Verizon
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$0 with an eligible trade-in on select 5G unlimited plans (save $700)

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Why we like it

Check out Mashable’s official review of the iPhone 13 Mini.

Like most phone deals on this list, having a decent trade-in is essential to scoring the most bang for your buck. So why the iPhone 13 Mini? Well, you likely won’t need a brand new phone to get the price tag as close to $0 as possible, you’re not trading-in for an outdated model, and you get at least 128GB of storage, nice battery life, and cinematic mode without the huge price tag. You can also grab this deal at AT&T.

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Apple Watch deals

Why we like it

The Series 7 may not be at the historic lows we saw over Prime Day, but $339 isn’t a bad deal. This latest smartwatch, with its blood oxygen and ECG sensors, support for bike workouts, and ample screen space, is by far the best Apple has to offer.

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Apple accessories deals

Why we like it

Check out Mashable’s official review of the AirPods Max.

Are the only over-the-ear AirPods ridiculously expensive? Yes. But do they offer excellent audio quality, active noise cancellation, and 20 hours of battery life in a stylish package? Also yes. It’s not the lowest price we’ve seen these headphones at, but it’s still not a bad deal if you’ve been itching to buy some.

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