To say that there are a lot of Medicom Toy BE@RBRICK (or Bearbrick) models to choose from is an understatement. The cute bear model has been transformed into everything from a streetwear-loving BAPE wearer to being decorated with the key to solving the mystery of ancient Egypt — and that’s before we even get to the different sizes that are on offer.

Ranging in size, with 50% being the smallest and 1000% the tallest, there’s a variety of heights to choose from but today we’re focusing in on the Bearbrick 400%. Arguably the most popular size that the models come in, the Bearbrick 400% models are 11.02″ (28 cm) tall making them perfect to showcase on side tables or in a cabinet to add some fun to your interior.

Quite often these come as a set, with matching Bearbrick 400% models sold together with a smaller 100%-sized friend, but they can also come alone. Either way, they are the perfect decorative toys for adults and can even be an investment piece — so we’ve picked our favorites available now.

Frequent collaborators BAPE and Bearbrick have created some of the most hyped models in recent years, decorating the loveable bear with head-to-toe camo. This one, created for BAPE’s 28th anniversary, uses mismatched, multi-colored camo for an eye-catching finish.

Pop art enthusiasts will recognize this green figure as being Andy Mouse: a fusion of Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Andy Warhol created by the artist as part of a series of silkscreen prints in 1986.

Part bat, part man, part bear, this 400% batman Bearbrick model doesn’t come with Robin by its side but instead comes with another mini version of itself.

While most Medicom figurines are made from hard plastic, this one is a bit different. The Kutani model is produced using Kutani-yaki (a type of Japanese porcelain) and handmade by skilled craftsmen.

A departure from the usual hard-bodied models on the market, this one has been given the soft and fluffy treatment courtesy of Elmo’s fur.

Project Mercury, NASA’s first manned spaceflight program which eventually led to the Apollo initiative, is honored on this intergalactic figurine for those obsessed with all things space. The bear has been decked out with a reproduction of the gear worn by the original Project Mercury Astronauts.

Japanese loungewear brand Gelato Pique has created a set of fluffy pajamas that allow you and your Bearbrick to be cozy in equal measure.

Putting Leica’s iconic M-system rangefinder camera into bear form, this Bearbrick, unfortunately, can’t be used as a functional camera. However, the bag it comes with can be used to hold a Leica M-system camera — depending on what lens is attached.

Marking the first time that Takahiro Miyashita has teamed up with Bearbrick, the Japanese designer has taken elements from the “Pause=Play” runway collection of his eponymous label  TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloist. and added them into this model.

For the many Space Jam fans out there, here’s a 3D version of Marvin The Martian complete with the Tune Squad uniform and his trademark helmet.

The most famous painting by Johannes Vermeer, created during the Dutch Golden Age, the oil painting Girl With a Pearl Earring (1665) has been re-created into a print that covers this model.

Two of Japan’s biggest cultural exports, Pokemon and Bearbrick collaborating on a figure just makes sense.

One of the longest-running and best-selling video game franchises ever, there are few games more iconic than Pac-Man. This collaborative model is bound to bring back some heavy nostalgia for the OG gamers out there.

One of the most beloved pieces in the Egyptian sculpture gallery at the British Museum, the Bastet Goddess Statue has been given the Bearbrick treatment for a collectible piece of history.

Bearbricks get cold too, so Sacai decked this one out in a winter-appropriate ensemble.

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