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Modern life just isn’t complete without a Bluetooth speaker — an essential device for music lovers who like to stay smart and connected. A Bluetooth speaker can integrate perfectly into a smart ecosystem, allowing you to pump up the volume from your phone, or speak to Alexa — not to mention handy portability for taking on your holidays or even your daily commute.

There are absolutely loads of top-quality speakers available now, so you have plenty of choice. The problem with having so many impressive products from top brands is that picking the right device can be tricky. That’s where we come in. Here’s some helpful information.

How good is the sound quality from Bluetooth speakers?

You’d be surprised at the quality of the audio tech in these speakers. But what will you be using your speaker for? Purely music? Podcasts? A bit of both? It will surely factor into what kind of speaker you end up buying — whether that’s surround sound, Dolby Atmos, something for the great outdoors, or just plain stereo (which is also great, don’t feel pressured to get something super fancy and expensive if you don’t really need it). Not all speakers produce the same kind of sound quality, so it’s important to know exactly the kind of listening experience you’re looking for.

How big are Bluetooth speakers?

Speakers can get pretty big, even portable ones, so take stock of how much useable space you want to dedicate to your audio setup both horizontally and vertically. Not everyone has the room for multiple speakers that work in tandem, so don’t overwhelm yourself with something gigantic if it’s constantly going to be getting in your way. There are plenty of speakers that can be easily stored or concealed, and some that are small enough to rest on a tabletop or shelf.

How many speakers do you need to buy? 

We always recommend choosing quality over quantity. Having two amazing speakers is always going to get you better results than having five average speakers. Plus, having too many speakers around is just going to take up an unnecessary amount of space. If you have the room, we think two speakers is the perfect number. 

Two speakers are especially ideal if you listen to a lot of music — music is normally recorded for a stereo setting, so having a left and right channel will do you wonders. And if you have a smaller space, even one really good speaker should do you just fine (as long as it sounds great). Many Bluetooth speakers also have easy pairing options with other speakers of the same make, so setting them up should be a breeze.

What are smart speakers?

These are speakers that double up as smart devices, which may connect to Alexa or sync with other smart home devices. They’re great in their own right, but they aren’t always the best way to listen to music (sorry, Alexa). If you really can’t live without having some sort of smart assistant within your speaker setup, we recommend getting something that is Bluetooth-enabled and connecting it to your smartphone. That way, you get the perks of your phone’s built-in smart assistant without having to downgrade the speaker itself. 

Are Bluetooth speakers waterproof?

Many modern speakers have some kind of water resistance. That means you can rock out at the pool or beach. Even if you’re not planning on taking your speaker on holiday, it’s not out of the question that it could be a target for spills no matter where you have it in your home. It would be a shame if a rogue glass of water ended up being the demise of your new speaker.

What is the best Bluetooth speaker brand?

Most of the best Bluetooth speakers come from the biggest brands, including the likes of Bose, Sonos, Ultimate Ears, and JBL. Sure, there are impressive options from other brands, but these guys specialise in audio equipment, so you know you’re getting something decent.

What is the best Bluetooth speaker?

There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers out there that are worth considering. We’ve tracked down some of the very best options. We have lined up impressive Bluetooth speakers from all the biggest brands, with something for everyone and every budget.

These are the best Bluetooth speakers in 2022.


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