A robot vacuum on carpet

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a large or small home. The cleaning has to be done. Which is why a robot vacuum is the perfect housemate. You might think that robot vacuums need ample room so the sensors can find their way, but there are certain models that work very efficiently in small homes — no matter your lifestyle or cleaning needs.

And it’s not just little robot vacuums from random brands you’ve never heard of on Amazon. iRobot and Eufy make robot vacuum models that work for any sized home.

Need some help choosing? Here’s a quick guide on everything you need to know.

Do robot vacuums work well in small spaces?

If your home is jam-packed with furniture and you don’t have much exposed floor space, you’re probably better off not getting a robot vacuum. They need sufficient space to manoeuvre around and find their way back to their charging stations. But if you have some floor space to work with, a robot vacuum can actually do a good job cleaning.

The nice thing about cleaning a smaller space is you don’t have to worry about the vacuum’s run time or battery life. It likely won’t take long to sweep the entire floor, and your robot vacuum can probably do the whole route without using a full battery charge. That also means you won’t have to empty the dustbin as often as you would if you lived in a big house.

To make the most out of your space, put the robot vacuum base underneath side tables or other furniture with ample room below it. Just make sure the vacuum can return for charging without issues. 

Most robot vacuums have scheduling features, so you can set your robot vacuum to run while you’re out of the house or a time when you won’t be walking around in your home if you want to avoid the robot vacuum nipping at your feet. And to get the best results, make sure you don’t have any loose items lying around on the floor.

What should you look for in a robot vacuum for small spaces?

When looking for a robot vacuum for small areas, you have to think about the layout of your space. If almost every inch of floor space is covered with furniture, you’re going to need a robot vacuum with a short profile that can actually move under and around furniture without bumping into stuff or getting stuck underneath the bed or sofa.

Robot vacuums sweep in either a random pattern or in neat rows, but with a small home, you probably don’t need to shell out the extra cash for neat rows because depending on your setup, you won’t have a lot of open space that would require meticulous, row-by-row cleaning. 

Some of the cheaper, smaller robot vacuums aren’t great for carpet, but leave hardwood floors so clean you’ll actually want to walk barefoot on them. If you have carpet in your home, look for a robot vacuum with powerful suction and a deep-cleaning brush roll. For hardwood floors, there are some robot vacuums that also have mopping functionality. This is awesome for saving space because you get two appliances in one.

Are robot vacuums actually worth buying?

Some people don’t mind vacuuming, and in small homes it doesn’t take that long. Upright vacuums will work well for these people, but the appeal of a robot vacuum is absolutely there.

Deciding whether a robot vacuum is worth it is really a personal preference. They definitely add some convenience to your life by taking over the manpower of vacuuming your floors. And with app control and remote scheduling, you can clean your floors without even being at home. But robot vacuums can get quite pricey and you don’t have full control over where and how they clean.

Make sure to get one that is powerful enough to suck up your messes and low-profile enough that it’s not the focal point of your home to really make a robot vacuum worthwhile.

What is the best robot vacuum for small spaces?

There are absolutely loads of robot vacuums out there, but not every device is suited to small spaces. It’s always difficult shopping for something like a robot vacuum, because there are so many similar devices with similar set of features, and how are you supposed to know which device is right for your home? This is where we can help.

We have lined up a selection of standout robot vacuums for small spaces, including popular models from top brands like iRobot and Eufy. Take your time, assess your options, and pick a favourite from this impressive bunch. There should be something for every home and budget in this list.

These are the best robot vacuums for small spaces in 2022.