There’s something to be said about famous women outdressing their famous partners, or at least clashing with them stylistically. Justin and Hailey Bieber are the zenith of this conceit, with Hailey constantly dressing veritable circles around Justin, who’s content to slouch out of the house in sweats even when Hailey’s at her zhooshiest.

But sometimes the stars align, like when Justin and Hailey got dinner on October 25 and wore some remarkably complementary outfits for once.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that they’re matching but, finally, I can affirm that Justin and Hailey Bieber at least look like a couple and not an older sister babysitting her brother.

Out in Beverly Hills, Justin and Hailey wore big black layering pieces and slim sunglasses that evoked a suitably likeminded mood. Similarly, Justin’s enormously baggy pants mirrored the slouch of Hailey’s gargantuan denim overalls, yielding two complete looks that also fit each other pretty well.

Sure, the couple’s attitudes are quite distinct — shirtless (!) Justin is grungier than heel-wearing Hailey — but the vibe is shared and with these two, that’s typically a tall order.

These looks are a good example of how two folks with relatively incompatible style can find some throughlines, even if it’s incidental. There’s some real connective tissue in their immense silhouettes, though, and small complementary elements like the black shoes and leathers (Justin’s jacket, Hailey’s bag).

I like that. Justin and Hailey’s outfits are expressive and indicative of their own tastes but align in a way that’s almost circuitous, reflecting a deeper intangible connection.

Like I said, the Biebers’ disparate approaches to getting dressed are a big deal, so much so that their clothing-related differences were even touched on in a recent interview where Hailey had to emphasize that they just dress how they feel, rather than to match each other’s look.

That’s fine and all, because it’d be foolish to read deeper into the stuff they wear than what you see. That is, you can’t pick a relationship’s status out of a wardrobe but it is pretty funny to see a couple so conventionally committed and, yet, so stylistically separate.

Hailey in particular is a real style chameleon, capable of everything from Fashion Week flexes to surprise streetwear showings, often anchored by one of her many insider-y sneakers.

Justin, meanwhile, seems to only wear clothing because he has to. Ultra-baggy comfort is the name of his game.

And yet, sometimes these two actually manage to hit a complementary outfit or two. Well, broken clocks and all that.


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