Sometimes a customer walks in, opens their mouth, and leaves you with a memory that’ll make you scratch your head for the rest of your life. These Redditors who toil in the ol’ customer service mines shared their stories of the questions that had them completely perplexed—from garden-variety stupid to straight-up bizarre.

1. Bathroom Rules

I was standing next to a HUGE bathroom sign, restocking silverware as a woman in her mid-30s entered the establishment. Woman: “Sir, where is the bathroom”? Me: “Down that hallway, ma’am”. I pointed to the direction the sign was pointing. Woman: “No, it isn’t”. Me: “Err, what”? I was not prepared for what she said next. Woman: “That’s a couple’s restroom, see? Man AND woman”. Me: Chuckles “Oh, no. That’s a unisex bathroom, you can use it”. Woman: “I’m not a unisexual. I’ll just run over to Applebee’s”. She left.


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