We’ve all had moments in our lives when we aren’t quite thinking at our highest capacity. Maybe we just got up and haven’t had our coffee. Perhaps it’s simply been a long day and we need to get some sleep. Either way, we’ve all been there…but these people have no excuse for their incredibly stupid questions, and these Redditors witnessed it firsthand.

1. Simple Physics

I remember having to defend myself on a speeding accusation. I had footage of the dashcam, which clearly showed me not speeding. I was going 30 mph, but the officer claimed I was driving 50 mph. The dashcam footage showed him driving at 40 mph and catching up to me fairly quickly. That’s when he decided to pipe in and make a fool of himself.

He asked, “If you were really going 30, then why did I have to go 40 to catch up to you?” I responded, “Because in order to catch up to anything, you have to go faster than what you’re following. If I was going 50, you would have never caught up to me while going 40”.


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