What’s better than a Fendi Baguette? A literal Fendi baguette. For its men’s Fall/Winter 2023 show at Milan Fashion Week, Fendi issued a cozy-cool menswear collection of oversized outerwear, cold-shoulder sweaters, and — wait for it — accessories shaped like French baguette bread.

Undoubtedly the brand’s next it piece, the Fendi’s baguette emerges as a plush French bread loaf equipped with a zipper enclosure.

On the runway, Fendi’s new accessory — the true Fendi Baguette, if you will — found itself nestled in totes, holding umbrellas, and ironically secured by the clasps of the iconic Baguette.

The yeast-focused accessory is undoubtedly a playful take on the not only the food item but Fendi Baguette bag, the house icon whose named after — you guessed it — the French bread. Fendi’s Baguette is carried under the arm as a French woman would transport her fresh, crunchy loaf.

Of course, the brand naturally issued new iterations of its most famed purse. However, it’s hard to focus on those when bread-style handbags-slash-umbrella-sleeves keep catching your eye.


So, is it an umbrella holder, handbag, random flex, or all of the above? While the Italian luxury house has yet to specify exactly what it is, it’s definitely versatile. I’ll give it that.

Nonetheless, expect it to be used in all the ways show (and then some) when it hits stores during the Fall/Winter 2023 season.

Given fashion’s love for the quirky and whimsical, I suspect Fendi’s literal baguettes will be all the rage this year. To quote a Fendi fan, “carbs are now in fashion.”