person looking down at charcoal google pixel 6a in their hand

SAVE $100: Following the release of the Google Pixel 7a on May 10, the Google Pixel 6a is now just $349, marking a $100 price decrease, or 22% savings, just one year after the 6a was released.

Google I/O 2023 has brought plenty of exciting announcements, including the release of the Google Pixel 7a.

While looking at the upgrades can be fun, the best part of shiny new tech is that the “old” tech that hasn’t even been around for a year often gets a price drop. Fortunately, that’s exactly what happened in the case of the Google Pixel 6a, which is now available for just $349, instead of the $449 retail price it’s been sitting at since its release last July.

When Mashable Tech Reporter Alex Perry reviewed the Pixel 6a last year, he said he “[couldn’t] think of another sub-$600 Android phone I’d recommend over the Pixel 6a right now, straight up.” The Pixel 7a may be just that, but the starting price has jumped to $499, making the 6a’s price drop extra enticing for the budget-conscious.

Again, the Pixel 6a is less than a year old, meaning you’re not sacrificing quality when opting for the lower price. Sure, you might not get the face unlock feature or wireless charging of the newer model, and we’re not in love with its 60 Hz refresh rate. Still, you get 128GB storage, over 24 hours of battery life (and that’s with mainlining YouTube videos, Spotify, and endless scrolls through Twitter), and a camera with a pretty sick night mode.

This deal looks like it’s here to stay as long as the Pixel 6a is around, but it actually might not be for much longer — if you’re looking for a wallet-friendly Android, we recommend grabbing the Pixel 6a ASAP.


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