No family is exempt from drama. But sometimes the mess runs so deep, you’re forced to cut “family” out of your life. Here are a few stories of people whose family members went way too far and got the cut.

1. “We Don’t Talk About Barb”

My (former?) aunt Barb. She was my uncle’s second wife, things were looking good for them. They seemed happy, had three kids, and were making a life for themselves. Sure they had their issues as any couple does but no one expected what was to come. I always liked her, but my grandma and my mom didn’t really like her and she was never really part of the family. She was ostracized a bit.

Then the week before my cousin’s 18th birthday she says she wants a divorce. The reason why was truly deranged. She had gotten hooked on amphetamines and was leaving my uncle for her dealer. It took the entire family by shock. Then my uncle told us that over the past year, she had slowly been drifting away. Not doing housework, going out late at night, and being gone for a few days at a time.

Now about 10 years later no one mentions her. It’s like she never existed.

Occasionally conversation will begin to drift towards her existence but then everyone will realize where it’s going and the subject will be changed. Her name is never spoken with large groups present, only between small groups and in hushed voices, and no one ever has anything good to say about her.

To make matters worse she got a huge amount of money in a lawsuit and is now living it up. She worked for a small county government as a road grater driver. She was the only female employee at the time and was asked to clean the bathrooms. She then sued for discrimination (using my uncle’s divorce lawyer) and won. She gets monthly payments and is constantly going to Vegas as per her Facebook updates.


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